What can I offer you

What can I offer you:

Love magic helps you find love or to be loved by the person of your choice. Love magic rituals are made with fire, water, wind or wax voodoo dolls. Some rituals are performed using a photograph or a trail of the person. To help you the mage may turn to the forces of light, dark, spirits of nature, pagan gods, the dead or use ceremonial magic to appeal to God.

Russian magic also can help to defend you from your enemies. Your life, family or business can be threatened by the forces you can’t cope with on your own. In this case you can turn to white protective magic or black harmful magic, whicheverwill be your preference. The results of black magic rituals are similar to those of voodoo.

As you might have noticed some people are catastrophically unlucky in life. The reason for this might be a lot of accumulated negative energy or even a curse. We all live in society where not everyone is friendly towards us. Thoughts are powerful and they can have influence on your fate, often in a negative way. Magic can remove the buildup of negative energy, particular psychological problem or a curse.


Several very harmful diseases are not cured by “official” medicine, however Russian magic can heal you. All diseases, except injuries or brain damage, can be cured with herbs, shaman rituals and personal talismans.


I can look into your future with the help of tarot or runes as well as performing ancient Russian divination techniques using water, fire or geomancy.  Fortune telling is accurate in 90-95% of cases. You can foresee what awaits you in your endeavors, family life, business, marriage and health.