For clients

In order to receive my services, you should e-mail me on In your letter state your problem, your objectives and desired results as detailed as possible. Attach your photo, where your eyes and face are clearly visible. Also include information on your date, place and time of birth. If you want to put a spell or influence somebody else, for example protect yourself from that person or attract their love, attach his or her photo as well. You can communicate with me in English or Russian. I will evaluate the state of your personal energy and choose suitable rituals to help with your case. To resolve most of the problems it will suffice to follow my instructions during a certain period of time. However is some of the more difficult cases there might be a necessity for a personal visit. You can come to my office or invite me to your town and country.

It takes about one month to reach most of the desired results like improvements in health, finding love or protecting yourself from enemies. However to resolve more dire problems it might take from two to three months.

All services are strictly confidential.