5. Overcoming crisis

We live in an artificial environment. Usually it is brick or concrete box with several floors, small compartment like rooms, in cities with bad roads and traffic jams. Often we live next to environmental pollutants, that poison us. We go by straight routes home-work-mall-home rarely going out to forget about the routine. We drink Earl Grey tea with chlorine. We smoke, and if not, breathe the fumes of cigarettes of other’s.

It is hard to believe, but this artificial environment is not suitable for life, it is alien. Hospital-kindergarden-school-college or university-job-job-job-job one more time and pension. Running in such a hurry. There is no time to even look up at the sky … By the way. You should try it sometime. Stop on the street and look into the night starry sky upon the infinity of space. You’ll feel more calm. Now look around you. Yes, someone also stops and wonders what is it that you see … But you do see?

It is good practice for a mage to look upon the sky, the trees, the Sun and the world around. It is wonderful! There the birds fly low, soon it’ll rain … And there is a rainbow, and its double! How cool is that? Go to the place where there’s nature, even to the zoo, or take a break and go fishing or cycle in the forest.

The second step is Awareness of Life. Take a seat in place pleasant for you and feel how the Universe is filled with life: feel the grass grow, the birds take flight, your breathing. It will take time to get used to, but it will bring joy and pleasure.

The third step is Awareness of the Universe. Experience the abyss of infinite time and space and yourself sitting there on the grass near your home. Do you see how people go in and out never looking around themselves … and you are almost a mage.

Be Aware of God. Not in space, in a bird or in abstract manner, but within. Look within in your very soul. And then try to look for God in others. Yes, every human carries a spark and everyone is a potential creator, but the difference is that you know about it and they don’t. Go and create! Magic and your life!

It seems i haven’t said anything revelational. Everyone knows it, but never does it. We’re all busy going in straight routes, living in concrete or brick boxes observing other boxes. From left and right you can choose up! The Magic of Life!