4. Titans of a New Age

So what is the current “spiritual” supply? What is trending?

Maybe it is unfortunate, that nothing new surfaced in esoteric world for the last fifty years. There are endless compilations, interpretations, transcriptions, paraphrases and other reimaginings, but there are no teachings that would be at the same level as Buddha’s of even Osho’s. The boom of fifties and sixties, during the epoque of sexual revolution, rock music and alternative philosophy is over. Now everything fades like embers in a bonfire before dawn. Let us look into the teaching of the most trending new age gurus. Whom do we pick first?

Osho is remarkable in terms of his book circulation. Taking into account that he never wrote a book in his life and all those materials are recordings and compilations of his lectures, six hundred book doesn’t seem very impressive. This indian guru is fascinating in the way that he always says what you want to hear. “All is good”, “everything is permitted”, “you are always right” are the kind of motto that will appeal to every heart. And it is okay that ideology is ever shifting and the guru is very sick and has trouble walking, the main thing is that the books are convincing and flatter you. Osho is undoubtedly a clever man and had very good point in criticizing drawbacks in religions, however upon criticism alone you can’t build a paradise neither inside nor outside.

Carlos Castaneda discovered a new world. Thanks to his books many junkies found greater calling in their pastime and became adepts of new religion. Honestly saying Carlos described a wonderful system of magic, with only one flaw to it. This flaw is conceptual and global one – all of his magic is meant for another reality, for another side of infinity, for second attention, however the ordinary, material, human life lacks magic. I don’t understand the followers of Castaneda. Knowing that god is only a template and that human life is just food for a giant eagle doesn’t strike me as very positive.

Sigmund Freud, Ron Hubbard and most of psychology (apart from Jung and other exceptional minds) are aimed at finding problems in the past, and the deeper it is hidden, the more important it is. Endless self scrutenings, self analysis, trainings and processings, seminars, maybe have positive impact, but this constant looking back is making the current moment, valuable now, seem less important.

Therefore what can we observe in truth seeking today? First concept is  “Do whatever you please, it’s okay, you’re right”. The second is “Get away from reality as far as you can, preferably forever”. Third is “All problems lie in the past.  Live it”. There is also more extreme options like “Renounce everything for the sake of your future afterlife”. Impressive? But how to live if not everything is well and you want to appreciate this moment in place in time? You can do yoga in search of enlightenment, but do you believe that elaborate poses will help?

Russian philosopher Chernyshevsky used to say “What to do?”. Where to run?