3.Esoteric marketplace

Every person is a part of some system, adept of some god from many handed Shiva to a briefcase with a million in it, that will magically appear around the corner personally for you. The system governs thoughts, desires, actions, and therefore life, your life in particular. You are an ant on the boot of the Titan, that will never see you there. And where is that leg headed?

Esoterics is a Marketplace, sometimes it is civilised, with boutiques and smiling pretty salespeople, but more often it is a bazaar in Cairo, with brightly dressed men loudly crying in arabic, but it is always a Marketplace. The Truth is sold here. You are the buyer and here are the sellers. Everything is fair, you wondered here yourself. You can buy silver utensils or chinese foil spoons –  the choice is enormous. But do you need anything on this Market? Maybe, beyond the boundaries of this metaphysical trading centre or spiritual chinese shop, there are couple of traders with an exclusive offering delivered just for you?

Magic provides the person with one essential thing. A promise that his or her life will change forever. Next day will never be as yesterday. If you come into Magic, the system crumbles within you. You never know what your next turn will be, rise or fall. You plan your life for yourself. The feature of a Mage is that he or she lives his or her live according to his or her will, and not the tradition, that has been obsolete for centuries. There are exceptions, but the basis remains the same – Mage is a master of fate.

The way of a mage is very well depicted in Major Arcana of tarot. First he has to take a chance, become a Fool, and therefore enter the Nagual, the unknown, break away from the old world and gain a new one inside. He or she is yet to become a Master-Emperor, concur the Devil within, find true Love, remove Fears-Moons and become one with the World through Temperance in the final shaman dedication-revelation.  On this way there will be Death of the old System inside of you and the Triumph of achieving the goal. The way of the Mage is a System apart from Systems, where the main criterion of truth is a personal experience of the Mage and gradually Mage becomes a God.

Let us get back to our market. Candles of different forms, bells, incense sticks, collars with different charms, idols for every taste, colour and budget. But where are you in this pawn shop?

This market in unique in a way that the goods are always secondary and never unique. No one will stock up on something new, when several long lasting bubble gums are well sold even now. Only packaging ever changes, where tan eastern beauties with the red dot on their forehead are interchanged with timid french nuns or the likes of Harry Potter.

Mage is the one who make his life by himself. Even now many practitioners make their own candles, rather than buying ready ones as  not to include themselves in systems that are foreign to them. Herb gathering, amulet crafting, healing and his or her life Mage entrust only to him or herself. Mage is not a buyer. Mage is a producer, not a consumer.

In reality, if you look closely to this article, this is a also a System just a little bit different one. The difference is that Our System is aimed at those who travel the Mage’s path to gain a state out of System, find his or her face, his or her life and place in this Universe. And the ancient mage Tradition provides this freedom to everyone willing to take the risk and step beyond the horizon.