1. On God


Is there God? It is a common question among many different people, from philosophers to janitors. The answer that a person finds might depend on the mood, well being, personal luck and various other factors. It can be said “There is no God” or one can say “There is God”, both are subjective opinions  and have no influence on the being of Tetragrammaton.

In reality those queries are senseless, due to the obviousness of the answer. People being not in their best state of mind are  inclined to be in denial. Do you deny the existence of Life? You can’t see it, and will never see in through a microscope, glasses or with your own eyes. You don’t see life, but the symptoms of life, moving Matter, shifling objects etc. They are alive, but it is not life itself. Then what is Life? The goddess is Alive, born to the male and female aspect of dual God, who permeates all of the universe, who is she?

 Any matter is an interweaving of countless threads. Each of them is both similar and different from another, but their unity creates a Whole. The universe is also permeated with channels of the Life force, like leucocytes in the blood system. Even the concept of the World’s Tree, known to our ancestors is a reflection of a primal understanding of the cosmic arrangement, both internal and external. So how does one measure the Force of Life?

Every human being, every plant or animal are creatures of energy different from one another. They are filled with different quantity of the Life Force. For example a turtle, that inhabits the Galápagos Islands, lives for hundreds of years with a little Life Force to it. External factors like the rise of the sea level or human hunters can make those creatures extinct. Humans are more powerful, but certain human habits can lead people to self destruction far before the due time. Strong mages have even more Life Force than regular humans, and Gods are more powerful than mages. Every species has different levels of consciousness. Snail, for example, most probably is not aware of your existence. You are not in it’s system. Humans understand who snails are, but finds it hard to grasp such concepts as infinity or immortality. Gods find it easier, as many things are more understandable to them.

Life is not good or evil, it is the Reality. Creative and destructive reality. Various teachings concentrate their attention only on certain sides of Life, denying others. Black mages are focused on curses, white ones on grace and no one sees the obvious.

A wheat seed growing in the field, in the ground – this is Life and it is good. Fading wheat is death, but it is also good, as it gives new seeds, which will then spawn new life. There is no death, only life, that is sometimes clearly visible, and sometimes shows itself from the other side, but it is Life still.

Life is the reality of our universe. Moreover, it is today’s reality, your reality. And it need your immediate attention. Paint your life in color!