About me

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My name is Sergey Belokon. I am a practicing mage and sorcerer from Russia.

For more than fifteen years I have been studying and successfully practicing traditional Russian magic, shamanism and pagan ritual practices. Somewhere in early childhood, I realized that every human being is born for a purpose. It occurred to me that anyone and everyone can make their dreams come true. Being born into the Soviet era, I met people living in plenty, but lacking freedom. As free thinking was frowned upon and people had very little choices about their lives, a lot of people developed a slave mentality. However even when proletarian dictatorship came to an end and people had opportunities to grow both economically and spiritually, there was little that changed in the mass mentality. Majority was too used to be commanded by government and local authorities on every step of the way.

My mission as a mage is educating people, providing guidance and help. I want more people to be free of this slavery. I want people to be able to chase their dreams, become healthier in the current age of ecological catastrophes and find love with someone who is right for them.

Magic is one of the greatest natural phenomena. It is the life force that goes through the whole universe spiritualizing all the worlds, every rock, every bird, every animal and human alike. We all are one. A Mage who is connected to this force is able to heal, save others from their life troubles and see the future.

Ancient Russian magic is a centuries old occult tradition that is rooted deep in pagan times. During thousands of years Russian magic tradition has integrated christian as well as shaman rituals.

There were times when magic was prohibited by governments and religious figures as it was considered a threat to their power over enslaved population.

Now in the age of technology, internet and social networks, this ancient tradition is finally able to reach anyone, giving the opportunity to improve people’s lives, make people more mindful as well as  giving an interesting experience to people regardless of their nationality culture or faith.